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Quantities Take-Off service - Painting & Solid Plastering






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The “take-off” is the process of obtaining quantity measurements from plans and specifications. The process involves measuring items and then performing calculations to arrive at the required quantities, and is the key component of a properly created cost estimate. The estimated costs cannot be created without first knowing the quantities. Often, the quantity take-off is the most time consuming activity in creating the estimate and the activity that is most subject to error.


The Competitive Edge

The method of delivery of documentation from Builders to Contractors has dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid demand of communicating via electronic media.  The flip-side is that this now demands more valuable time as well as knowledge of various computer software programmes to access and interpret the documentation before even commencing the measure.

In the current competitive building climate, being successful in winning tenders is now more infrequent than in past times, so it is imperative to quote more consistently. This is not always achievable and “managing your time” is critical to the successful running of your business. As a contractor you can gain a competitive advantage by using our quantities take-off service and this can greatly enhance the efficiency of your business. Our service can help by saving you valuable time in the quantities take-off process. As a result you can increase the number of tenders you submit. Essentially, can you afford not to be tendering for more projects?

The Process

We provide an easy method to assist you when you are costing out your projects (Microsoft Office Excel). You simply add in your rates and the system automatically calculates the total sum for you to apply to your tendering documentation.


In Summary

You e-mail the Builders Request for Tender to us which contains the drawings and specifications.  We then sort and interpret the information and print out the required documentation; mark-up the drawings showing areas measured; e-mail you a detailed take-off of various substrates relative to a given area and identify any specification shortfalls and exclusions; mail the marked-up drawings with any other documentation back to you.

Over 40 years experience in commercial and domestic painting

Our Quantities Take-Off Service provides


Detailed estimated quantities emailed in an active Excel worksheet – you add your tendering rates – it's that easy


Marked-up architectural drawings showing areas measured


Identifyication of specification shortfalls and exclusions


The capability of accessing the Builders’ drawings and specifications issued via electronic media


Our service benefits clients throughout Australia


Our fee is charged by hourly rate – quotes cannot be provided



If you have “plans” for your future, send them to us!

Our quantities take-off service covers a diverse range of projects

Our scope includes, but is not limited to, the following:


Shopping centres

Commercial premises


Medical centres


Unit complexes

Nursing homes

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